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Today in history:October 5









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  October 5
          Opposition supporters have given Milosevic an ultimatum
          2000: Protesters storm Yugoslav parliament
          England have
          Opposition supporters from across Serbia have stormed the Yugoslav
parliament building in Belgrade proclaiming Vojislav Kostunica as the new
Yugoslav president.
          Sporadic skirmishes between Mr Kostunica"s supporters and security forces
across Belgrade have been light and short-lived.
          Demonstrators also ransacked the headquarters of the propaganda mouthpiece
of the Milosevic regime, Radio Television Serbia, and set the building on fire
forcing three state channels off the air.
          Independent radio station B2-92 has announced that senior army officials
have made contact with the opposition and withdrawn their forces from the centre
of the capital.
          The relatively peaceful revolution began with a rally this morning to
contest the legitimacy of President Milosevic"s regime and his efforts to
maintain his authority.
          A state radio broadcast just before 1100 local time (0900 GMT) announced
the Constitutional Court had annulled last month"s presidential election and
ordered a re-vote, effectively giving Mr Milosevic another year in power.
          But opposition leaders in turn gave Milosevic an ultimatum to surrender
power by 1500 (1300 GMT). They then filed criminal charges against him for vote
          In the early afternoon police fired tear gas into the huge crowds of
Kostunica supporters surrounding the state parliament.
          Protestors were temporarily halted at the steps of the building before
police withdrew. Some officers even joined the demonstration themselves.
          Using a bulldozer to gain entry, groups then made their way inside,
lighting fires and smashing furniture and computer equipment.
          Britain and the US have given their support to the popular uprising and
have urged Mr Milosevic to stand down.
          President Bill Clinton said the US stood by those who were "fighting for
their freedom". Meanwhile the Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug has asserted its
independence from state control.
          Mr Kostunica is expected to address a vast crowd assembled in front of the
Yugoslav parliament shortly.
          If Russia gives its blessing and the Yugoslav army officially recognises Mr
Kostunica"s legitimacy he could be sworn in as president by the end of the
          Up to 70 fireman are working at the scene
          1999: Death toll rising in Paddington crash
          Artificially 1969: FilmTheTheAA At least eight people are confirmed dead
and 160 injured after two trains collided near Paddington Station in west London
at the height of the morning rush hour.
          Thirty-nine people are seriously injured, with three critically ill and 11
in intensive care.
          There are thought to be some 200 with minor injuries.
          Many more passengers could still be trapped in the wreckage, said Chief
Inspector Brian Gosden of British Transport Police.
          Hospitals across the capital are taking in casualties. St Mary"s Hospital
has cancelled all out-patient appointments to treat most of the wounded.
          The walking wounded are being treated at a local school and Sainsbury"s
          A Thames Trains 0806 BST from Paddington to Bedwyn in Wiltshire collided
with the incoming 0603 BST Great Western 125 express train from Cheltenham at
0811 BST.
          Carriages came off the track and one train burst into flames. A massive
column of smoke could be seen across west London.
          Up to 30 ambulances, 12 fire engines and 70 firefighters rushed to the
          Mark Rogers, a passenger on the 0806, said: "There was an almighty crash
and the train rolled over and over, first onto its roof and then onto its
          "One woman I saw thrown out of the window and she was trapped beneath the
train. She was at least very severely injured.
          "It is absolute pandemonium. "
          Mr Rogers said the carriage behind the driver had been "ripped apart like a
sardine can" and was lying over the top of the 125 Great Western train.
          "It is chaos. There are doors and broken glass lying everywhere."
          Prime Minister Tony Blair said: "I am absolutely appalled by what is a
truly dreadful tragedy."
          Transport Secretary John Prescott has promised a public inquiry into the
crash and praised the "swift efforts of all the emergency services".
          Conservative Transport spokesman John Redwood said: "We need a proper
inquiry and we need some answers for the future."
          The trains collided on the same stretch of line as the Southall rail crash
in 1997, in which seven people died and 150 were injured.
          Health and Safety Executive inspectors are at the scene.
          sporadic: occurring singly, or apart from other things of the same kind, or
in scattered instances; separate; single;(零星的)
          skirmish : a minor short-term fight(小冲突)
          appall : fill with apprehension or alarm; cause to be unpleasantly

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