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因配偶去世“心碎而死” 是这样吗?(双语)









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  You hear it whenever someone gets sick or dies soon after losing a spouse:
Was it because of a broken heart? Stress might not be to blame for former
President George H.W. Bush’s hospitalization a day after his wife’s funeral, but
it does the body no favors, and one partner’s health clearly affects the
          A sudden shock can trigger a heart attack or something like it called
broken heart syndrome. Some studies also have found that people are more likely
to die soon after losing a longtime spouse.
          But often the timing is mere coincidence, and "broken heart" speculation
just fuels a neat narrative when the problem is unsurprising in an older person
with underlying health issues. Bush has suffered from a number of health
conditions in recent years, including a form of Parkinson’s disease and a
serious bout with pneumonia.
          In any case, the death of a loved one is a dangerous time for the surviving
spouse, said Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a cardiologist at NYU Langone Medical Center
and an American Heart Association spokeswoman.
          "It’s really important to have a lot of other support around you," she
said. "When people are depressed after something like this happens, they may not
be eating, they may ignore symptoms and want to be stoic. They’re certainly
stressing and may not be getting enough rest. All of these things can set the
stage for life-threatening conditions."
          Bush, who will turn 94 in June, has been hospitalized since Sunday with an
infection that’s spread to his blood. "Blood infections are very serious,
particularly in the elderly," CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus told
"CBS This Morning."
          Stress weakens the immune system and can make infections harder to fend
off, said several doctors, including Agus, who are not involved in his care.
          "You couple that with sitting in a [funeral] ceremony where you’re shaking
lots of hands, greeting lots of people, hugging them, kissing them. The
potential for spread of infection is real," Agus said.
          It’s possible the former president ignored early signs of infection during
the flurry of preparations for Barbara Bush’s funeral, said James Giordano, a
Georgetown University neurologist and expert on stress’s effects on the
          "It could be something as simple as that; inattention led to an escalation
of signs and symptoms," he said. so medical problems and risks are magnified by
          Stress has three stages, Giordano said: alarm, when the body releases
"fight or flight" chemicals that can do damage; a resistance stage, like
"calling out all the troops" to deal with the stress; and then fatigue or a
letdown stage, when some of the body’s defenses may crash from the strain.
          Even if a partner’s death is anticipated — as Barbara Bush’s was after she
decided to forgo more aggressive medical treatment and focus on comfort care —
"facing and going through the reality of the event" is stressful, he said.
          Stress and a broken heart sometimes may get too much blame, though, when
people are grieving.
          "Broken heart syndrome" was widely speculated when Debbie Reynolds died a
day after her daughter, actress Carrie Fisher, in 2016. An autopsy later showed
that Reynolds, 84, died of a blood vessel that ruptured and caused bleeding in
her brain — a kind of stroke. She also had high blood pressure and other serious
medical problems for several years before that.

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