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  The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar
terms. Awakening of Insects (Chinese: 惊蛰) falls on Mar 5 and ends on Mar 19 this
          Awakening of Insects signals a rise in temperature and increased rain fall.
As the third solar term in the lunar year, its name alludes to the fact that
animals sleeping in winter are awakened by spring thunder and that the earth
begins to come back to life. It is the key time for spring agricultural
          Here are 6 things you may not know about Awakening of Insects.
          1.Spring thunder cracks the sky
          The spring thunder is most noticeable during the Awakening of Insects solar
term. An old Chinese saying goes: "If the first spring thunder crashes before
the Awakening of Insects solar term, there will be abnormal weather that year."
The Awakening of Insects falls after the end of winter and before the beginning
of spring. Wind during this period is an important factor in weather
          Modern meteorological science shows that around the Awakening of Insects,
the earth becomes humid and the hot air near the surface rises; meanwhile, the
hot humid air from the north is strong and creates frequent winds. For this
reason, thunder occurs in this period. China covers a large range of latitudes
from north to south, so the first spring thunder appears at different times in
different areas.
          2. Spring ploughing
          The Awakening of Insects is an extremely important time for farmers and is
widely seen as the beginning of the busiest time for agricultural work. During
this period, most parts of China experience the quickest rise in temperatures,
with the average level reaching above 10 degrees Celsius, and there is a marked
increase in sunshine, which provides good natural conditions for farming.
          Old Chinese sayings such as "once the Awakening of Insects comes, spring
ploughing never rests" reveal the importance of this term to farmers.
          3.Offering sacrifices to the white tiger
          According to ancient Chinese folklore, a white tiger is the creature that
brings quarrels and disputes. It always begins hunting during the Awakening of
Insects, and sometimes bites people. It is said that those bitten by a white
tiger will encounter evil villains in their life that bring obstructions and bad
luck. Therefore people offer sacrifices to the white tiger during the Awakening
of Insects to protect themselves.
          When practicing this old custom, people draw the white tiger on paper, and
then smear pig’s blood and pork on its mouth. This means the tiger is fed so
that it would not bite people, avoiding bad luck and conflict.
          4.Beating "villains"
          4. 打小人
          "Villain" hitting originated in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and it’s a folk
ritual popular in Guangdong and Hong Kong. The custom is practiced during the
Awakening of Insects to expel the "villain" and to bring good luck. People often
assign a specific "witch" (usually an elderly woman) to "beat the villains".
They use paper cut in the shape of humans to represent "villains" in their lives
and the "witch" would use shoes or other tools to hit the paper to expel bad
          In Hong Kong, the Swan neck bridge between Causeway Bay and Wan Chai has
become a popular place for people to beat villains.
          5.A good time for fishing
          Around the Awakening of Insects, hibernating animals wake up, and so do
fish. They swim from deep water to shallow water in search of food, mating and
bearing young. It is a good time for fishing.
          Fishing can provide mental and physical relaxation, especially for people
living in the city. Driving to the suburbs, fishing in a lake, bathing in the
sunlight, enjoying the singing birds, fragrant flowers and waving willows make
for a perfect weekend in spring.
          6.Eating pears
          Eating pears around the Awakening of Insects is a widely-practiced custom
in China. As the weather gets warmer and the air becomes dry, people tend to
feel their mouths are parched and tongues dry, which can cause colds or coughs.
A pear is sweet, juicy and cold, moistening the lungs to arrest a cough.
Therefore, pears are highly recommended during the Awakening of Insects.

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