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The ballerina’s movements were strong, yet graceful.芭蕾舞女演员的动作很有力,但是也很优美。
This is a word that is used to describe many objects and people. If you’re looking for another word to use as an alternative to grace, here are some options.这是一个可以用来描述人也可以用来描述物的单词。如果你想用别的词来替换grace,这里有一些不错的选择。
1. Elegance优雅
Elegance refers to something being graceful and pleasing to watch. Elegance can refer to someone’s appearance, style, manners, or movement. This can be used for a person or an object.Elegance指优雅和赏心悦目的事物,也可以指某人的外貌,风格,举止或者动作。Elegance可以指人也可以指物。
The elegance of the design was one of the main reasons I bought this phone. It just looks beautiful.我购买这款手机的主要原因就是它设计优雅,看起来很漂亮。
2. Poise镇静
Poise speaks to the grace and elegance of a person, not an object. A person who is poised is usually someone who can remain graceful under pressure. It’s one thing to be elegant when everything is going well, but someone who is poised is elegant when things are difficult or they are being challenged.Poise指人而非指物,指一个人姿态优雅。泰然自若的人通常都能在压力之下保持优雅。当一切顺利的时候,保持优雅不是那么难,但是当事情变得复杂或者遇到困难时,泰然自若的人才是优雅的。
It took a lot of poise to stand there quietly while people were yelling at her.人们对她大喊大叫时,她平静了很长一段时间才能安静地站在那里。
3. Finesse灵巧
Finesse refers to something being done with refined delicacy that comes from experience. Finesse is grace and elegance that comes from skill. It goes beyond how something looks and refers to the way something moves or is done.Finesse指熟能生巧以后,灵巧地做好某事。灵巧是因为技术熟练而产生的一种优雅。它超越了事物的外表,指的是事物进行和完成的方式。
The decorations on the cake, were done with finesse that showed off the pastry chef’s skill.蛋糕上的装饰物用巧妙的手法展示了糕点师的技艺。
Grace can also refer to the way that someone treats others. Someone who treats people with grace is courteous, kind, and shows goodwill even when someone else does not.Grace也可以指待人接物的方式。以优雅待人的人是善良的,有礼貌的,即使别人不喜欢也会表现出善意的。
I really admire your grace, you treat everyone with respect.你尊重每一个人,我真的很佩服你的风度。
Here are some synonyms for this definition of grace.作为此层含义,grace有以下同义词。
4. Courtesy礼貌
Courtesy means that someone is polite and behaves well towards other people.Courtesy意为某人很有礼貌而且对待别人举止得当。
You’re so courteous you always hold the door open for people who walk out after you.你很有礼貌,你总是为那些在你后面走的人开门。
5. Decency合乎礼仪,礼貌
Decency refers to behavior that follows the standards that have been set by a society. This includes moral standards.Decency指遵循社会标准的行为,当然这包括道德标准。
I couldn’t believe what he said to her. He lacks basic decency.我简直不敢相信他对她说的话。他缺少基本的礼仪。
6. Politeness有礼貌,优雅
Politeness refers to someone who is nice, considerate, and kind to others.Politeness指善良,体贴,和善的人所表现出来的品质。
I do my best to show politeness towards everyone.我尽可能对每个人都表现的礼貌。
Grace can also refer to being favored by someone or a group of people. When this happens people think highly of a person and tend to assume they are good. When grace is used in this way, it’s often talked about because someone has lost this special privilege.Grace可以指为别人所喜爱的人。这种情况下,人们通常会对这个人高度评价而且认为他很好。当grace以这种用法出现时,人们会经常谈论这个词,因为某些人并不具备这种品质。
Her good deeds gave rise to a feeling of grace from her neighbors.她的善行使她的邻居有一种收到恩惠的感觉。
There are many other words that can be used as a substitute for this definition of grace, here are two.Grace作为此种含义也有很多同义词,这里列举出两个。
7. Favor喜爱,好感
Favor refers to support and approval given to something or someone. This is simply done because this person or thing is liked.Favor指对某人某事所给予的支持和批准。这很简单,因为这个人或者这件事为人们所喜爱。
It was clear that the mother favored her middle child more than the others.很明显这个母亲更喜欢她的第二个孩子,不是最大的也不是最小的那个。
8. Approval同意,赞成
Approval refers to finding something acceptable or satisfactory.Approval指某事是可以接受的或者是令人满意的。
I need your approval before we can start doing the work.在我们开始工作之前,我需要你的批准。
Grace can also refer to a period of time after the due date of a payment. During this time the payment can still be made while being in compliance with the agreement.Grace也可以指应付款日期后的一段时间。但是在此期间,人们还是可以按照协议付款。
This is called a grace period. For example, if your payment is due on the 1st, but you are allowed to pay the bill up until the 10th, then there is a 10 day grace period. Whether you pay the bill on the 1st or the 10th, it counts as being on time.这就叫做宽限期。例如,你应该在1号付款,但是你可以10号之前付清帐单,那么你就有10天的宽限期。无论是在1号还是在7号付款,它都是准时的。
There is a five day grace period for my rent.我的房租有五天的宽限期。
Here are some synonyms for this form of grace.Grace作为此种含义有以下几个同义词。
9. Deferment延期
Deferment is when something is put off until another time. This is frequently used when talking about loans that have a deferment option.Deferment是指某事被推迟到另一个时间。这个词常常在谈论有延迟选择的贷款时使用。
When does my deferment period begin?我的延期是什么时候开始的?
10. Postponement延期
Postponement refers to something being put off or delayed.Postponement指被推迟的事情。
Out flight has been postponed.我们的航班延期了。

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