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        People spend years chasing happiness, only to learn the hard way that it wasn’t where they thought it was. They assume career success, riches, retirement or the “perfect relationship” will bring the happiness they’ve always wanted. In the process, they miss the enjoyable moments all around them.人们为了追求幸福而花费数年的时间,最终却只能领会到物是人非。他们认为事业成功、富有、退休或“完美的关系”会给他们带来一直想要的幸福。但在这个过程中,他们错过了自己身边所有快乐的时刻。
        But what will make you happy? To find out, we turned to one of the best resources available today. Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education has devoted considerable effort to studying “the positive qualities of the human mind.” In the process, the team at Stanford regularly releases studies that quantify happiness. Here are a few things Stanford researchers have learned over the past few years.但是什么会让你幸福呢?为了找出答案,我们求助于当今最好的资源之一。斯坦福大学的同情和利他主义研究教育中心投入了大量的精力来研究“人类思想的积极品质”。在这期间,斯坦福大学的研究团队定期发布量化幸福的研究报告。以下是斯坦福大学的研究人员在过去几年发现的一些东西。
        1. Be compassionate.1. 要用同情心
        Stanford has a longstanding research interest in the connection between practicing compassion and achieving happiness. The medical school offers an eight-week course called Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT), that teaches attendees how to develop a more compassionate attitude. In a study to determine the program’s usefulness, they found that it led to an increase in both mindfulness and happiness. The training, the study authors said, emphasizes the benefits of connecting with fellow human beings to a person’s overall well-being.斯坦福大学有一个长期的研究,聚焦于实践同情和实现幸福之间的联系。医学院开设了一个为期八周的课程,名为“同情培训训练”(CCT),它教听众如何培养一种更慈悲的态度。在一项确定该计划有用的研究中,他们发现同情心导致了正念和幸福的增加。这项研究的作者说,培训强调了与其他人的联系对一个人整体幸福感的好处。
        You don’t have to spend every weekend doing charity work to achieve happiness, however. Simply find ways in your everyday life to be more compassionate. Listen to others when they’re speaking and truly work to see things from other people’s perspectives.不过,你不必每周末都通过慈善工作来获取幸福,在日常生活中也找到更富有同情心的办法。当别人说话时,倾听他们的意见,真正从别人的角度去看问题。
        2. Spend time in nature.2. 花点时间给大自然
        When was the last time you took a walk through the park or spent the afternoon by the pool? While it’s important to minimize sun exposure, Mother Nature brings many benefits, both physical and emotional. One of those benefits is an improved affect, according to a study led by Stanford University’s Gregory N. Bratman.你最后一次在公园里散步或是在池塘边度过一个下午是什么时候?虽然尽量减少阳光直射是很重要的,但大自然也带给我们许多好处,无论是身体上还是心理上。根据斯坦福大学Gregory N. Bratman的研究,其中一个好处是改进的影响。
        The study separated participants into one group that spent their outdoor time in urban settings and a second that took nature walks. Those who took the nature walk showed a marked improvement in overall well-being, including a decrease in anxiety and worry. If you don’t have easy access to a hiking area, consider taking your lunch to a nearby park or waterfront area.这项研究将参与者分组,把第一组的户外时间花在城市环境中,第二组进行自然散步。参加自然行走的人整体幸福感显著提高,包括焦虑和忧虑的减少。如果你不方便去远足地区,考虑把午餐带到附近的公园或海滨地区享用吧。
        3. Disconnect from social media.3. 脱离社交媒体
        People are constantly connected to other people through social media, even when they’re trying to enjoy “alone time.” Stanford University psychology researchers set out to determine just how contagious negativity is. Unfortunately, people aren’t as good at guessing the moods of others as we might think they are. The researchers discovered that people overestimate how happy other people are, leading them to assume that other people’s lives are better than they actually are.人们经常通过社交媒体与其他人联系,甚至当他们想享受独处时光的时候。斯坦福大学的心理学研究人员致力于确定消极的传染性是怎样的。不幸的是,人们并不像我们想象的那样善于猜测他人的情绪。研究人员发现,人们高估了别人的快乐程度,导致人们认为别人的生活比他们实际的要好。
        Social media is especially dangerous to happiness. Time spent on social media has been connected to prevalence of depression and anxiety. Make a concerted effort to stay off social media, especially if you find yourself unfavorably comparing yourself to others. As a test, try to stay away for a few days and see if your mood begins to improve.社交媒体对幸福来说是尤其危险的。花在社交媒体上的时间已经与抑郁和焦虑的流行有了联系。努力远离社交媒体,尤其是当你发现自己在和别人做比较的时候。做一个测试,试着离开几天,看看你的心情是否开始好转。
        4. Search for meaning.4. 寻找意义
        Philosophers have long pondered the meaning of life, and they aren’t the only ones. One Stanford study attempted to find the link between meaningfulness and happiness and found that while they’re different, they also overlap. Someone can find meaningfulness while still being unhappy. For instance, someone may work as an activist or social worker and find great meaning but still feel unhappy.哲学家们长期以来一直在思考生命的意义,而他们不是唯一的群体。斯坦福的一名研究员试图找到意义和幸福之间的联系,发现它们既有重叠又有不同。有人在找到意义的同时依然不幸福。比如,有人可能作为活动家或是社会工作者,找到伟大的意义,但依然觉得不幸福。
        At the same time, someone who is self-involved may find that he or she feels happy while living a life that doesn't have much meaning. The idea is that it's important to look for ways to live a meaningful life while also finding what makes you happy. Based on the results of the study, some things that make people happier include focusing on the present rather than the past or future and spending time with those who make you feel happy.同时,一个自我参与的人可能发现自己过着没有意义的生活但却感到幸福。这个想法是说寻找有意义的生活以及让自己感觉到幸福都是很重要的。根据这项研究的结果,让人们更幸福的事情包括关注现在而不是过去或未来,和那些让你感觉到幸福的人在一起。
        Happiness is not easily defined, but science tells us what has been shown to boost our own well-being. Each person’s definition of happiness will differ, so it’s most important to find the key to happiness for you and eliminate the obstacles that are keeping you from living the happiest life you can.幸福是不容易被定义的, 但科学告诉我们幸福的源泉是什么。每个人对幸福的定义都不同,所以最重要的是找到对你来说幸福的关键,消除阻碍你过上幸福生活的障碍。

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