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        When you're in the hot seat, there's a good chance that your interviewer will turn the tables at some point and ask, "Do you have any questions for me?"当你如坐针毡时,你的面试官很可能在一些关键点上扭转局势,问道“你对我有什么问题吗?”
        When you have the floor, you'll want to take full advantage of the opportunity to show that you've done your homework and determine if the job is a good fit.当你有发言权时,你想充分利用机会来展示自己做过的功课以及判断这份工作是否适合你。
        But it's imperative that you put just as much thought into what you ask as you do your responses to their questions. That's because your queries may reflect your knowledge of the company, work ethic, level of professionalism, and interest in the role.但就如同重视你的回答一样,对问什么给予重视是也非常必要的。因为你的问题可能反映出你对公司的了解、职业道德、专业水平以及对职位的兴趣。
        "In the first interview, you'll want to be sure to ask the right questions. Ask about the job and company; not questions that can come off as self-serving and give the impression you may not be a team player or be willing to give 100%," says Amy Hoover, president of the job board Talent Zoo.“在第一次面试中,你要问一些正确的问题。“问工作和公司相关的问题,而不是那些能体现出你自私、你不是一个好的团队合作者或者不会付出100%努力的问题。”工作台主席Amy Hoover如是说。
        She continued: "The sole purpose of the interview is to determine if you are a good fit for the company, and if it's a good fit for you. All the other issues and concerns should be addressed during negotiations after the job offer has been made."她还说,“面试唯一的目的是判断你是否适合公司,以及公司是否适合你。其他的问题和担忧都应该在你收到职位邀请之后再进行沟通解决。”
        Here are 23 questions you'll want to avoid during the first job interview, as they may do more harm than good:如下是你在第一次工作面试中需要避免的23个问题,它们可能弊大于利:
        What does your company do?你们公司是做什么的?
        Questions like this will make you look unprepared. To avoid that, never ask anything that can easily be answered with a Google search.这样的问题会显得你毫无准备。为了避免这种情况出现,不要问任何能轻易在谷歌上搜到的问题。
        What will my salary be?我的薪资怎么样?
        Hold off on the money talk.远离关于钱的讨论。
        "Candidates have to walk a thin line between gathering information they need about a company and assuming they are going to get the position," says Jesse Siegal, a senior managing director at The Execu|Search Group staffing firm.“候选人必须在获取公司信息和认为自己能得到这个职位之间找到平衡,”Jesse Siegal说到,她是搜索集团人力资源公司的高级常务董事。
        Asking about money too early in the process sends the message that you're arrogant and rude.太早问及薪资的问题会给人留下自大和粗鲁的印象。
        Will I have to work long hours?我需要长时间工作吗?
        This says, "I'm lazy."这就是说,“我很懒。”
        How soon can I take a vacation?我多久能有假期?
        Planning your time off before you've even gotten the job sends the message that you're not committed to the work.还没得到工作就开始计划休假会让人感觉你的心思不在工作上。
        Will I have an expense account?我会有费用账户吗?
        There's really no reason to ask this in the interview. Plus, it sends the wrong message.没有任何理由在面试中问这个问题。另外,它会传递错误消息。
        How quickly could I be considered for a promotion?多久能考虑给我升职?
        Focus on the job at hand.专注于手边的工作。
        What happens if I don't get along with my boss or coworkers?如果我跟领导或同事相处不融洽怎么办?
        The interviewer may wonder if you've had problems with colleagues in the past — and they may even assume that you're difficult to work with.面试官可能会联想你和以前的同事相处不好,他们甚至会认为你很难和别人共事。
        What are benefits like?福利待遇怎么样?
        It's better to save this question for the end of the process, when it's more clear that you'll receive a job offer.最好把这个问题留到面试最后,当你比较确定自己能收到工作邀请时再提问。
        "Often, companies post information about their benefits on their websites in order to attract candidates, so it may be possible to find this information without asking in an interview," Siegal says.“公司通常会把他们的福利待遇发布在网站上来吸引候选人,所以你可能不需要在面试中提问就能找到这些信息。”
        When will I be eligible for a raise?我什么时候有资格加薪?
        This may tell the interviewer that money is the only thing you care about.这可能会告诉面试官钱是你唯一关心的东西。
        Can I arrive early or leave late as long as I get my work done?只要完成工作我就能晚来早走吗?
        Don't try to make adjustments to the schedule before you've even been offered the job.在得到工作邀请之前,不要试图修改时间表。
        Are you married?/Do you have kids?/etc.你结婚了吗?你有孩子吗?等等
        Never ask the interviewer any personal questions.不要问面试官私人问题。
        Do you check social-media accounts?你查看我的社交媒体账户了吗?
        Job seekers should always assume that their prospective employers will find and view their social-media accounts.求职者总是认为他们的未来雇主会查看他们的社交账户。
        "Asking about whether employers will check raises huge red flags for the company, who may wonder if a candidate will be a threat to the company's image," Siegal says.“问雇主是否会查看社交账户给公司敲响警钟,雇主可能会想候选人是否会对公司形象有威胁,”Siegal说道。
        Do you do background checks?你们有背景调查吗?
        This one may also make the interviewer suspicious.这同样会让面试官起疑心。
        Do you monitor emails or internet usage?你们监测邮件或者网络使用吗?
        This question will raise red flags — something you definitely don't want to do in the interview.这个问题同样敲响了警钟,在面试中你绝不想这么做。
        Will I have my own office?我会有自己的办公室吗?
        Does it really matter?这重要吗?
        I heard this rumor about the CEO. Is it true?我听说关于CEO的谣言,这是真的吗?
        You should never bring gossip into a job interview. It's highly unprofessional.你永远不应该把绯闻带进面试。这非常的不专业。
        What are grounds for termination?解约的理由是什么?
        It's not a good idea to get the interviewer thinking about firing you before they've even hired you.让面试官在雇用你之前就考虑解雇你可不是个好主意。
        Can I make personal calls during the day?我可以打私人电话吗?
        This one says that you're not 100% focused on your work.这就是说你没有100%专注于工作。
        'Can I sit by a window? It helps with my hourly meditation'“我能坐在窗户旁边吗?这有助于我每小时的冥想”
        You haven't even been offered the job yet and you're already making special requests? This makes you look cocky and high-maintenance.你还没得到这份工作,就已经想着提特殊需求了?这会让你显得自大和难伺候。
        'Would that really be part of my job?'“这会是我工作的一部分吗?”
        No job description is ever set in stone, and essentially saying from the get-go that you're not willing to go beyond your role shows that you're not a team player.没有什么工作是一成不变的,从一开始就说你不愿意超越自己的角色会让人觉得你不是团队的一员。
        'Can I work from home?'“我能在家工作吗?”
        Most work-from-home jobs will indicate in the job posting that they're remote. If not, you can assume that telecommuting isn't the modus operandi for the position.大多数可以家庭办公的工作会在招聘中说明公司位置比较偏僻。如果没有,你可以认为远程办公不适用于这个职位。
        It's OK to negotiate work-from-home arrangements, but you shouldn't be doing any haggling until you have the job.商议家庭办公的安排是可以的,但在你得到这份工作之前不要讨价还价。
        How did I do?我该怎么做?
        This one puts the interviewer on the spot. If you really want feedback, wait until you get the offer or rejection, and then ask in an email what you did well or could have done better.这个问题把面试官推到了中心。如果你真的想得到反馈,等你得到了录用通知或是拒绝通知,再发邮件询问你表现如何,以及如何能做的更好。
        Did I get the job?我得到这份工作了吗?
        This question projects eagerness that bridges on desperation and neediness. Plus, it demonstrates you have a lack of understanding for how the working world really works.这个问题表达了你绝望的热切。另外,也说明了你不知道职场是如何运作的。
        Bonus: The worst question of all is the one you never ask.福利:最糟糕的问题是你什么问题都不问。
        "Not asking questions can be just as bad, or worse, than asking terrible questions," says Deborah Shane, a career author, speaker, and media consultant. "It can reveal a lot about your communication skills, personality, and confidence — and it can leave the interviewer with a bad impression of you."“不问问题和问一个糟糕的问题一样严重,甚至更严重,”Deborah Shane说道,她是一个职业作家,演说家,以及传媒顾问。它能暴露你很多沟通技巧、品格以及信心方面的问题,甚至会给面试官留下不好的印象。

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