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Baijiu boom: Moutai shares hit dizzy new heights amid global expansion



  Kweichow Moutai, arguably China’s most recognizable alcohol brand, saw its share price hit an all-time high on Tuesday after rising 80 percent since October 2016. The world’s largest liquor company, Moutai still remains relatively unknown in the West despite having a reported market capitalization in excess of 100 billion US dollars – but can its fiery spirit set the world alight?
  Walk through the central business district of any major Chinese city, and you’ll likely see the Moutai logo in neon lights on top of a high-rise building. While baijiu remains a niche product overseas, it has forged a huge domestic market despite potential barriers like the recent anti-corruption campaign and changing drinking habits.
  Moutai's liquor – distilled in southwest China’s Guizhou Province since the Qing Dynasty – overtook Diageo (owner of brands like Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker and Guinness) to become the world’s biggest alcohol company earlier this year. On Tuesday, Kweichow Moutai had a reported market capitalization of 676.68 billion yuan (102.56 billion US dollars), after shares soared to an all-time peak of 540.19 yuan as markets closed.
  Progressive, historic
  Kweichow Moutai Group, despite its history, has shown that it is a progressive company not afraid to move with the times. It announced in September that the number of brands operating under the Moutai name would fall from 214 to 59, to prevent poor quality liquor from staining the original spirit’s reputation and to stop overuse of the Moutai brand in advertising.
  Moutai was the drink that Chairman Mao used to toast US President Nixon in his groundbreaking 1972 visit to China, and the history, prestige and quality of this aromatic drink means bottles of vintage Moutai can fetch millions of yuan at auction. A one liter bottle of the classic Moutai Feitian version of the drink sells for 3,500 yuan (530 US dollars) online, eclipsing prices for some of the world’s finest and most renowned whisky and cognac brands.
  ‘An exciting moment for our baijiu market’
  While Moutai is clearly a domestic success story, is there scope for expansion overseas? Jenny Chiu, Moutai’s business manager in Australia, told CGTN that the brand has grown rapidly overseas in recent years, saying “it is an exciting moment for our baijiu market.”
  That growth can be put down to changes in the customers buying Moutai, with Chiu saying that while the market is still dominated by local and overseas Chinese males aged 30-50, “local Australians, businesses with Asia links and western restaurants and bars” are leading a demographic shift, with an “increasing demand” from females and young customers (aged 25-40) suggesting baijiu could be the next big trend in Australia’s bars and restaurants.
  “After the craze for sake and whisky, what’s next?” says Chiu, who agrees that Moutai is becoming a drink of choice for hipsters, citing “unprecedented inquiries” for the 2017 Australia Moutai Cocktail Competition.
  According to Chiu, Moutai is becoming more visible in Australian bars and restaurants, but because of limited supply overseas, many other bars and restaurants keep it “off menu,” only offering it “to connoisseurs who know and ask for it.”
  ‘Ambitious and unprecedented’
  Liu Yuan of CNS Imports – the oldest and largest supplier of baijiu to the US – agrees that Moutai “will surely become a well-known premium liquor brand around the world.”
  Liu told CGTN that the brand has been “making consistent efforts” to go beyond Chinese liquor’s “traditional customer base in foreign markets,” a move that he calls “ambitious and unprecedented in the baijiu market.”
  Moutai’s impressive expansion both at home and abroad is set to continue according to Morgan Stanley, which surprisingly points to driverless vehicles as a potential spark for the global liquor industry which, its recent report argues, has been affected by stringent rules on drink driving.
  The report, titled “Shared autonomous mobility: The solution to drinking and driving?” says Kweichow Moutai is one of the “best positioned” liquor companies to benefit from driverless technology, which could “add 80 basis points of annual revenue growth to the industry's sales for the next 10 years.”
  The report even suggests that future widespread adoption of driverless and autonomous vehicles means “more opportunities to drink before getting in the car… [And] more opportunities to drink while in the car.”
  Whether or not Americans and Australians will be toasting each other with glasses of baijiu in driverless vehicles in the near future remains to be seen, but as Liu Yuan told CGTN, “Moutai is in a unique position” as it looks to reach the next level of its overseas expansion strategy.
  中国最知名的酒类品牌Kweichow Moutai周二的股价创下历史新高,自2016年10月以来上涨了80%。这家全球最大的白酒公司,尽管市值超过1000亿美元,但在西方仍相对不为人知,但它的火爆精神能否点燃世界?
  今年早些时候,茅台在中国西南部贵州省的茅台酒(Moutai)酿造的酒,超过了帝亚吉欧(包括Smirnoff、Johnnie Walker和Guinness等品牌的所有者),成为世界上最大的酒类公司。周二,贵州茅台市(Kweichow Moutai)公布的市值为6766.8亿元(1025.6亿美元),此前股市收盘上涨至540.19元的历史高点。
  贵州茅台集团(Kweichow Moutai Group)尽管历史悠久,但已表明它是一家敢于与时俱进的进步公司。今年9月,该公司宣布,在Moutai品牌下运营的品牌数量将从214家减少到59家,以防止质量低劣的烈酒玷污原有精神的声誉,并停止在广告中过度使用茅台品牌。
  虽然茅台显然是一个国内的成功案例,但海外扩张的空间有吗?Moutai驻澳大利亚的业务经理Jenny Chiu告诉CGTN,该品牌近年来在海外迅速增长,称“这是我们白酒市场的一个激动人心的时刻。”
  增长可以归因于顾客购买茅台的变化,Chiu说,尽管市场仍由本地和海外华人30 - 50岁的男性,“当地澳洲人,企业与亚洲链接和西方餐馆和酒吧”是主要的人口结构的变化,与女性和年轻客户的“需求”提出白酒将成为下一个大趋势在澳大利亚的酒吧和餐馆。
  中国最大的白酒供应商——CNS进口公司的刘源(Liu Yuan)认为,茅台酒“肯定会成为世界上知名的优质白酒品牌”。
  Moutai在国内外的令人印象深刻的扩张计划将继续根据摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)的说法,该公司出人意料地指出,无人驾驶汽车是全球白酒行业的潜在火花。该公司最近的一份报告称,该行业受到了严格的酒后驾驶规则的影响。
  该报告题为“共享自主行动:饮酒和驾驶的解决方案”。Kweichow Moutai是“最佳定位”白酒公司之一,从无人驾驶技术中获益,该公司可以“在未来10年里为该行业的销售额增加80个基点的年度收入增长。”
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