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        There are resumes that make it into the “maybe” pile, and then there are those that go directly into the trash. The latter may just come from unqualified candidates, but they could just be screaming “unprofessional.”If you know you’re a great candidate, but you aren’t getting any replies, it’s time to check your resume to ensure it doesn’t include one of these serious problems.有些简历会被归到“待定”的那一叠文件中,有些会被直接扔进垃圾篓。扔进垃圾篓的那些简历的主人可能连面试资格都没有得到,而这些简历可能也透露着不专业的迹象。如果你知道自己是一个很优秀的应聘者,却苦于没有得到任何答复。那么你该检查一番投递的简历,以确保简历没有以下的严重问题。
        1.You Didn’t Get All the Typos Out1.简历中存在打印错误
        Few things scream ‘unprofessional’ more than typos on a resume,” says Maria Katrien Heslin, owner ofIndependent George. This includes misspellings and incorrect punctuation as well as inconsistent spacing and verb tense. “With competition for jobs so tight, a typo or two unfortunately can knock a candidate out of consideration because at that point in the process, that is all the person hiring has to go by,” Heslin says. “Typos can give the impression of a lack of attention to detail, sloppiness and an uncaring attitude.”Independent George的创始人玛利亚•赫斯林说:“简历中出现错别字最容易使它显得不够专业,这包括拼写错误、标点符号错误、空格不当以及动词时态错误。”工作竞争如此紧张,简历中出现一两处打印错误足以让应聘者与工作机会失之交臂,因为所有招聘方在核查简历过程中都会检查到。赫斯林说;“简历中出现打印错误会让人觉得你不重细节并且行事草率。
        2.You Have a Ridiculous Email Address2.你的邮件地址简直可笑
        People pay attention to email addresses, and if yours is unprofessional, hiring managers will notice. “No matter what your experience level, you should always have an email address that is professional,” says Rahul D. Yodh, a partner with Link Legal Search Group. A variation on your first and last name, with random digits if you have a common name, is the safest bet. “When I see an email address such as surferman86 or jacksmom12, I cringe,” Yodh says. “Email addresses are free, so my assumption is that you are just too lazy to care about your professional image. Laziness is not a quality I look for in prospective candidates.”人们注重邮箱地址。如果你的邮箱地址不专业,人力资源经理就能觉察到。Link Legal Search Group的合伙人拉胡尔说道,“不论你的经验多丰富,都应该要有专业的邮箱地址,保险起见,邮箱地址最好由你的姓名的变体加上任意几个数字组成。每当看到类似于“surferman86”或者 “jacksmom12”这样的邮箱,我都起鸡皮疙瘩。邮箱地址是自行设定的,看到不专业的电子邮件地址,我会想当然地认为你很懒,懒到连专业形象也不顾及。我想找的应聘者不能是懒惰的。
        3.It Stands Out -- But Not in a Good Way3.简历惹眼的“出奇”
        This one can be tricky, says Cheryl Rich Heisler, president and founder of Lawternatives. “We tell job seekers to be unique. To be authentic. To ‘keep it real.’ But then we tell them to keep their style within industry norms, don't stick out, don't make an employer wonder about your ability to fit in.” To strike a balance, Heisler advises you get the basics of grammar and spelling right, “then consider adding in some more creative elements that are within the range of what your target industry allows.” This could include a judicious use of color or a unique, but useful design. There can be a fine line between standing out and looking unprofessional. "Common mistakes that scream ‘unprofessional’ include pictures, logos, crazy fonts and colored paper, which can't be read easily when it's scanned by computers,” says resume expert Scott Vedder. “I've even received a scented resume! You know what it didn't smell like? 'Hired!'这点很棘手。我们告诉求职者要与众不同,要展现真实的自我。但之后又告诉他们要把简历做得符合行业规范,不要太出格,别让招聘方怀疑你是否会合群。Heisler建议首先要保证语法和拼写不出现错误,之后再考虑添加一些目标行业允许范围内的个人创意元素进去。可以是采用一种适当的颜色或一种独特而实用的设计。另类的简历和不专业的简历之间有很微妙的差别。简历专家斯哥特韦德说,简历的不专业通常体现在一些寻常错误上,包括不合适的图片和标识、夸张的字体和纸张颜色,这使得简历经电脑扫描后难以辨识。我曾收到一份有香味的简历。你知道它闻起来最像什么味道吗?“不被录用的味道”。
        4.It Lacks Substance4.简历缺乏实质性的东西
        Your resume is meant to be a window into your skills and experience, so make sure it’s clear. “We see it all the time -- a person works for Company A, and that's all they put down,” says Kelly Braden, senior project manager at Alphabetix. Include specifics about your job duties and responsibilities, as well as your top accomplishments. “Employers want folks who can manage execution and get things done,” Braden says. “Show us some examples of getting stuff done.”你的简历应该反映你的技能和经历,因此要确保它看起来一目了然。 Alphabetix公司职员说:“我们一直在看这些东西,而这也是人们在简历上写的东西。这包括一些工作职责的细节,还有所取得的最大成就。雇主想要那些有执行力并能把事情做好的人。我们要看到真实的例子。
        5.It’s a Solid Wall of Text5.文字堆积起来的简历
        You have to include a lot of information in your resume, but it needs to be visually appealing as well. Packing words onto the paper creates a wall of text that’s hard to read. “Left-to-right, top-to-bottom; these resumes are one word after another, yet seemingly say nothing,” he says. “If a resume is a chore to read, it won't be read, so make your resume clean, concise, and relevant to the job.”在简历中你要涵盖很多信息,但同时要兼顾视觉养眼。简历上字句堆积成块让人难以辨认。从左到右,从上到下,是一个字接一个字,然而却言之无物。如果把读简历弄得跟苦差一样,没人会读它。所以要保证内容简明扼要。

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