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        1. That you enjoy playing with kids.你喜欢陪孩子玩。
        I love watching you mesh well with little kids – despite the fact that the mental image tends to pop up, from time to time, as a recurring nightmare.我喜欢看到你和小孩子融洽相处——虽然事实上"小孩子"像经常反复的噩梦一样经常出现在我的脑海里。
        But don’t get the wrong idea; it’s not that I'm opposed to children myself, I'm just not ready for them… yet.但你不要多想;这不代表我不喜欢孩子,只是我还没准备好。
        Still, if I have any plans of sticking it out with you for the long haul, I’ll admire any glimpses I can catch of your nurturing, more motherly side.尽管如此,如果我计划要和你一起把爱情坚持到底,我会很欣赏不经意看到你照顾孩子时的母性光辉。
        2. That you put on makeup before I woke up.在我醒来之前你就化好妆了。
        You’re not fooling anyone. By the time we actually got to sleeping last night, your makeup was smudged all over your face, so I know you didn’t “wake up like this.”你骗不了别人。我们晚上睡觉前,你脸上的妆已经花了。所以我知道你才不是像这样妆容精致地醒来的。
        I mean, unless you’re capable of doing your makeup during REM sleep.除非你能一边睡觉一边化妆。
        Fact is, nobody wakes up looking like roses, so don’t get too hung up on trying to beautify yourself in the wee hours of the morning before I even get the chance to see you.事实上,谁也不是醒来就像玫瑰花那样美丽——至少在没有快照筛选的情况下不会醒来就像玫瑰花那样美,所以早上不要再我还没来得及看你之前就急于美化自己。
        3. That you look really cute in our clothes.你穿我的衣服看起来真可爱。
        Yeah, I noticed you’ve stolen the majority of my hoodies; I just don’t really mind.是的,我早就注意到你偷偷穿了我的好几件卫衣;我只是并不介意。
        It’s hard to deny that you look better in our clothes than I do. I’ll probably never tell you this, though.我的衣服穿在你身上要比穿我自己身上更好看,这一点很难否认。但是,这个想法我可永远都不会告诉你。
        Instead, I’ll just leave my retro jerseys by the foot of our bed to ensure they’re the first article of clothing you’ll see when you wake up the next morning.相反,我只是把自己的复古球衣放在床脚,这样你第二天早上醒来看见的第一件衣服就是它了。
        4. That you started watching sports just to talk to me.你开始看体育比赛,仅仅是为了和我聊天。
        If you’ve always been into sports, this doesn’t really apply to you, but for the ladies out there who have recently taken an interest in the French Open or Champions League football – just to please your men – I salute you.如果你一直对体育感兴趣,这条不适合你。但适合那些最近开始对法国网球公开赛或足球冠军联盟赛感兴趣的女士——你们这样做仅仅是为了和你的男人有更多共同语言——我向你致敬。
        The willingness to take on new interests just to share them with us is a beautiful thing, especially considering the fact that I'm hardly as willing to see what all the “Gossip Girl” fuss is all about. That’s why I love you, though.你愿意开始有新的兴趣,只是为了和我分享,这真是件美妙的事,尤其考虑到我很难像你一样喜欢去看《绯闻女孩》里演的是什么。然而,这就是我爱你的原因。
        5. That you may or may not get jealous of other women.你有没有嫉妒别的女人,其实我是知道的。
        They say jealousy is the ugliest of human traits, but – for some strange reason – it doesn’t look half bad on you.人们都说嫉妒是人类性格中最丑陋的——但由于某种特殊的原因,在你身上却很少有这种感觉。
        While you’re not a jealous person, in the grand scheme of things, I do notice you get ticked when I show other women attention.虽然你不是一个爱嫉妒的人,但大部分情况下,我会注意到我们关注别的女人时你会生气。
        And it’s just darling. Fact is, you don’t need to be insecure. I may pass judgments or appreciate certain characteristics about other women, but that has nothing to do with how I feel about you.这真可爱。事实上,你没有必要缺乏安全感。我们可能会对其他女人的某些特点评判一下或者略加欣赏,但那和我们对你的感觉没有关系。
        Relax, your spot in my life is secure. Although, when you get worked up about it, I know you really care.放松一点,你在我心目中的地位是安全的。尽管如此,当你对此生气时,我们知道你是因为真的在乎我。

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